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We'd recommend Riveer based on our experience"
– Kevin P. Wagner, Caterpillar

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Riveer employs a quality management system that is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


ev·er·last·ing [ev-er-lah-sting] - adjective
1. lasting or enduring through all time

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Riveer's Everlasting Dock Ladders™ really do last forever; we used a time machine to travel 5,000 years into the future to confirm. Ok, we don't actually have a time machine, but we did test out the steel dock ladder's durability and can confirm that it is well equipped to outlast all of the harsh and varying conditions that it is sure to face here in the Midwest:

  • Designed for structural durability
  • Built using all-steel, robust construction
  • Finished with epoxy powder coating for rust prevention



Not only does this ladder have survival skills, it also has customization skills!

  • Choose any color you want
  • Multiple finishes available (e.g. non-slip tread for steps)
  • Built to any dimension specified
  • Add a custom cut logo or name to the side

Floating Dock Ladders

This just in!! Riveer has developed a solution for getting down to your floating docks with it's Everlasting FLOATING Dock Ladders! This one has all of the same great durability and customization features as the straight ladder, but with the added benefit of automatically adjusting when your dock moves from changes in the water level or waves.


On top of all these cool features, the Everlasting Dock Ladder™ is a Michigan native! Yep, that's right, these necessary marine accessories were designed and manufactured right here in Michigan!

made in michigan, made in US, homegrown